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About 10 years ago I was mooching around my local comic convention. I sheepishly approached Liam at a table where he was doing a little meeting and greeting. I'd really been bowled over by Liam's work when I was following Deathdealer from Verotik. It had some of the best barbarian art I'd ever seen. Why Liam has not drawn Conan on a regular basis, I have no idea.

Although his strips are sometimes populated by decapitation and brutal death, there were no signs of that carnage around Liam. As it turned out he was a warm and happy guy. Happy to talk, and look at my portfolio. He gave me a much needed boost just at a critical moment and that same moment also led to a dear friendship continuing strongly to this date.

Well, there have been publishing ventures in the shape of Liam and Mam Tor's Event Horizon. Comic strips in London's foremost entertainment magazine, Time Out and finally Madefire. I teamed up with Mike Carey, another contact made via Liam's influence, to illustrate Houses Of The Holy for the infant company. 3 years later and it's a moving, breathing and sometimes screaming baby.

Madefire is a wonderful new way to read comics and has been a long and eventful journey. It's easier to experience than explain. Go ahead check it out, and above all enjoy.:)…
Just a quick hello to fellow Deviants. I plan to upload a new gallery every day. I've added all my Magic The Gathering cards released to date. I'm looking forward to uploading some Horror work, which is my first love.